Our story

Phantom is an independent digital creative agency started and headquartered in London. We believe amazing things happen when ambition, beautiful design and incredible technology join forces.

We love being a young agency, excited everyday about what we do. Phantom is above all else a creative agency, but definitely not in the sense that we only care about making pretty things. Every single member of our team is an innovator, both creative and technical to the core.

We love our clients and we’re so lucky to work with some of the best in the world. They are awesome to us and in return, we work hard for their brands - creating innovative, technically advanced solutions to their marketing challenges. Our projects are carefully planned, well paced and have incredible impact.

Phan•tom [fan-tuh m]

n. Something seen, heard, or sensed, but having no physical reality.


Jamie Nicoll (Creative Director), Emily Shorvon (Managing Director), Cara Hamment (Business Director), Matt Booy (Technical Director)

What we're up to

In early 2017, we’re bringing the hugely successful Phantom agency model to to the sunny shores of Auckland! We’re on the lookout for incredible local brands to collaborate with and New Zealand’s most killer digital talent to welcome to our worldwide Pham.

Rather than becoming a giant agency in London, we’re much more excited about expanding our team globally to replicate the success of Phantom London in new locations. We’re passionate about the idea of having smaller Phantom phamilies with incredible local talent, being given the trust, resources and opportunity to create industry changing work from within the world’s coolest cities.

Why New Zealand?

Auckland as our second office has really been a no-brainer for us. With one of our founders and a bunch of Phantoms on the London team being Kiwis, it’s clear the talent and drive within the creative industries in New Zealand is unbelievable. It is in Kiwis’ nature to be intrinsically creative and inventive, but for all the incredible skill and ambition, there just haven’t been enough amazing places to work with in the New Zealand digital industry.

As in London, we’re determined to give people who share our vision a place to make their work home, to be part of something special and ground breaking together. Likewise, we’re so passionate about working with brands who have fascinating marketing challenges and an open mind for how to solve them. For all the influence our London office has taken from New Zealand, likewise London can share right back with access to some of the world’s biggest clients, as well as the learnings and insight of working at the sheer global scale we do on a daily basis. We truly believe that on the digital world stage, there is absolutely no reason for New Zealand to be the little guys anymore.

The Pham

Phantom started in 2013, with just 5 people sitting in a small office in London’s Soho. We have since welcome the most amazing and talented people imaginable to the Pham, now grown to 40 incredible designers, producers, strategists and developers (and everyone inbetween). The Pham is absolutely everything to us, we are a close team and genuinely care about each other, our brand and absolutely everything we do.