What makes a Phantom

People are everything. Our team, our clients and our users. We value individuality and have chosen Phantoms specifically to contrast and compliment each other’s skills, styles and ambitions.

By nature Phantoms are at the top of our game - we’re perfectionists who thrive on collaboration, take inspiration from our interests and are always willing to go the extra mile to push our projects to the next level. We come from diverse backgrounds, there’s no formula. Whether we gained our experience in small studios, the world’s biggest agencies or are just starting out, Phantom values drive, raw talent and a love for our craft above all else. We also happen to be a little obsessed with our own brand and can usually be spotted wearing our logo on our shirt or laptop. Just a little symbol of how invested Phantoms are in their team and achievements.

Who we're after

We’re selective of the work we take on and actively seek most talented and driven people in the industry. We’ll always mould roles around people, rather than people around roles and hire proactively whenever we meet an unmistakable Phantom.

Phantoms are:

  • Collaborative
  • Transparent & honest
  • Have endless initiative
  • Overly communicative
  • Excited about our projects (and life in general)
  • Fun to be work with and be around
  • Determined
  • Motivated by achieving amazing results

‘The Phantom’ to us is a complete personification of our team, something we collectively own and represents us all.

What you get

Our agency was built from the studio, rather than a thousand layers of upper management. We have huge respect for our team and treat them incredibly well.

  • We’ll shout you a trip to the UK to meet up with our London pham. It’ll be an awesome opportunity to get a feel of the culture and meet our clients.
  • You’ll be working alongside the best in the game, helping each other and Phantom to reach its highest potential.
  • We’re not a giant agency and intend to keep it that way. We believe in knowing our team inside out and offering career progression based on your skills, interests and ideas. You won’t be moulded to a role, we’ll develop your perfect job alongside you.
  • You’ll be hooked up with free snacks and drinks in the office. Friday booze is also on us.
  • No PCs for you. We only buy the best equipment, so you’ll be loaded up with a high end hardware ready to go. We also invest in new technology and like to have a treasure trove of ‘testing machines’ kicking around.
  • Responsibility and ownership over your projects. Regardless of whether you’re a Producer, Designer, Dev or the Team Lead, you’ll be given the platform to present your own work and lead it’s direction.
  • You’ll be paid properly, we’re not about shortchanging anyone who works hard for our brand.
  • We believe in personal development and will work with you to ensure you get access to the things you need to expand your skillset.
  • Being part of the Pham will give you access to work on some of the world’s biggest brands. There will be every opportunity to work on projects for Google, The Financial Times and Sony Music (to name a few).

Join the Pham

Are you one of us? Being proactive is good! Check out our Auckland openings below. If you don’t see the perfect role down here, drop us a line anyway! We’re always on the lookout phuture Phantoms.